Ryland Grace finds himself waking up out of a coma and attached to tubes with no memory, and two dead people around him. He slips in and out of consciousness figuring out that he is the lone man on a space mission – the last and desperate attempt to save earth. The consequences are dire if he fails – earth would be going back to the Ice Age. 

With his foggy memory which he is slowly able to put piece by piece, we witness the journey of Ryland, his mission and how he confronts the uphill task without being trained specifically for it.

An overwhelming adventure, that stretches him beyond his capabilities, and makes him delirious at times, is he successful what is a suicide mission in plain terms ?

Does he manage to save earth?

What does he find in his journey and how does it end ?

A heart-warming, crazy, cool and speculative science fiction novel with a beautiful hint of how language could have been developed, Hail Mary has its share of fist bumps, grit, survival instincts and a tale of discovery which is just amaze. This is a blockbuster movie in making. You will go bonkers with excitement with what Andy has done, if you have liked the Martian. 

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