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Cocoa Love

Well I love cocoa. If you don’t, we almost cannot be friends. If you do, pick up a chocolate bite and read on.

Theobroma cacao is to be credited for this wonder product called cocoa, the life of all things chocolate. There is little to guess why Theobroma means food of the Gods.

For a product that has been so beautifully entwined in our lives and is a spectator to some of our most profound moments – cocoa is everything magic. And as Roald Dahl said ” Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Let me take you on a small trip down the memory lane or rather my tryst with cocoa chocolates chronicles.

My love for chocolates began when my parents introduced me to 5 star treats. I got one every Monday and then one before every examination. I once ended up writing nothing in the answer sheet since I forgot my choclate at home and was worried if it would still be there. We were in a committed relationship folks.

I was a pretty shy kid, sharing a bar of chocolate got me my first friend in school. Mondays were a match made in heaven, a panipuri treat followed by a chocolate bar. No wonder I knew nothing about Monday blues as a kid.

Birthdays were major. A debate would ensue at home on what chocolates would be distributed in school. Being the plus one during the chocolate distribution at school was a prized trophy – the happiness of walking around and seeing people studying in classes while you were a free bird. Do we have anything of the sort still ?

My dad got back chocolates from his first trip abroad and suddenly my life goals then were shifting to Switzerland to eat those chocolates. I was not a foodie and my siblings were sweet enough to always part with their shares in return for their share of favourite foods. The chocolate barter is still on.

When I moved to the hostel for my graduation my parents used to courier me chocolate boxes – they knew it was my comfort food.

For a product that is so integral to my life and the humankind – we haven’t left practically any fantasy with chocolates unrealized.

Chocolates and the cocoa family have been an ice breaker, a comfort pillow, a stress buster and almost like a warm hug for most of us. No wonder we have so many terms of endearment linked to cocoa – “coco”, “sugar”, “honey”, “bubblegum”, “chocopie” and the likes.

To all the proponents of calorie counters – yes I agree the sugar overload is bad but cocoa is an indulgence everyone should be permitted once in a while.

A hot mocha/ fruit and nut chocolate bar/ chocolate fudge/ dark chocolate ice cream is truly the explosion of endorphins in your brain.

Pick up your poison in a small dose and voila there you have your pick me up.



  1. My favorite alcohol filled dark chocolates how I miss thee. Calories aside they are the best mood uplifters. Lovely topic to uplift Monday blues.

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