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Kick the Sunday Blues

It’s Sunday evening.

Your laundry for the next week is not sorted. You have pending emails to check and that Monday morning presentation is yet to see the light.

Though you feel you have not rested enough, nothing productive is done.

And then begins a super grey, sulky Monday and another horror week ahead.

If this is your every Sunday weekend aka doomsday story, as it was mine for a long time, here are the best ways to kick those Sunday blues. Personalize this for yourself and be a Monday morning Ninja.

Deal with the dreaded work first.
If there are any mundane chores ( groceries, laundry, meal prep blah blah ) that you dislike, deal with them at the beginning of your weekend. Mentally the dreaded work traffic bottleneck is gone and you will enjoy a smooth weekend.

Pursue a “serious” hobby – that doesn’t include binge watching Tv or sleeping. Do something creative – learn or experiment with something new.

Plan your Sunday evening with your favourite comfort food and this could be a meal with family/friends ( preferably breakfast or lunch so that you have no hosting blues 😅).

Keep an aweeeeeeeesome playlist ready. Music is the game changer.

A digital break is a must – Immerse yourself in some real world experience – go catch the sunrise or the sunset that is a luxury on the weekdays. Talk to a family member or a friend, you have been meaning to connect with. Do a weekend pampering routine – it could be something as basic as clipping your nails, putting a face pack or getting a champi.

Read a book. If you are a beginner – a new world awaits . If you were a regular reader, time to get back to your best friend again.

Light an incense stick or put your favorite aroma oils in the diffuser – we associate certain smells with peaceful and postive vibes.

Avoid alcohol/caffeine late in the evening. You need that 8 hour sleep to recharge your batteries unless you want to meet the new week sleep deprived and wasted.

Keep your Monday morning plan ready. You don’t want to have decision fatigue with wardrobe/meal choices.

Lastly, keep a gratitude journal. You will have so many things to be grateful for, why bicker and crib over other things.

If you have a 6 day work week like I did on most weeks, all I can say is fast forward everything. I hope life gets easier for you my friend.

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Awesome Sushmita!! I think I now have the answer to my weekly Monday blues 😃👍

  2. I am reading this on Sunday evening. . When I have already wasted it one by getting up late and lazing around and now cribbing about Monday office . . Hahaha. . But atleast now I know what to do next Sunday. . That was actually so much meaningfull special like that lighting incense stick point while reading a book. . Will try that out.

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