Childhood favourite books

As I have been arranging the books in my library, one thing I sorely miss is the collection of books and magazines I had during childhood.

I distinctly recall this incident where a few of my friends were discussing a news story of some kids eating poisoned biscuits and dying – and I didn’t know what both poison and death meant. ( I was in the 2nd Grade ). A child’s mind works in a funny way. I took it in my stride and started reading right away.

The thrill of my dad getting a book when he came home and the excitement to speed read it still remains unmatched. And then re-reading it multiple times at leisure. Those were the days my friend.

Reading was not my favorite hobby. It was my only one. I was a shy child and there opened a new world of stories for me.

Listing a few of my favorite magazines/ books as a kid

1. Alice in Wonderland

Alice, a seven year old girl, sees a white rabbit and follows it down a rabbit hole. The magic of storytelling, putting logic aside and transporting you to a fantasy land like never before. I remember labelling food “eat me”, “drink me” at home an also having a mad tea party with my sisters.

2. Robinson Crusoe

I first read an excerpt from the book in a text book we had ( Guided English) , and it was so intriguing – I went and picked up the book. Robinson defied his parents and takes a voyage, gets marooned on an island and then uses his ingenious ways to survive.The version I had was one with an attractive red cover and I must have read it umpteen times end to end every summer holiday. Also those were the days of the silly dreams. We had a champa tree in our garden and I was most certainly convinced that digging the roots would lead us to some treasure. Why did I even grow up!

3. Chandamama, Champak, Nandan, Wisdom

The folk tales, the stories of the kings and kingdoms, the stories from Indian mythology, the “thoughts” or wise words in every page in Wisdom – ah the days of innocence. Solving the puzzles in books, the DIYs, trying the experiments – every little task was exciting . It was my job to read the stories out to my sisters and we used to have a fun time predicting the next in series story in the forthcoming editions. I remember reading about Neerja Bhanot in Wisdom and getting so moved. Sigh I don’t have a single copy of the years of the magazines I had. Just checked that all these magazines are still running. Drop me a comment if any of you have read them lately.

4. Panchantantra, Hitopadesh, Jataka Tales

Folk tales with animal and human characters with a learning lesson. Read the abridged versions of the books in English and used to love doing role plays then.

5. Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I had almost tried to convince my parents to build a wooden fence around our garden so that I could paint it. And I had used the reverse psychology concept I learned from the book on my sisters – making them do some chores and making it look like fun!

What are the books that you read as a kid?

Let me know any interesting stories you have to share!

Also these books make a fun reading even now.

Go get them and read!

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  1. this revived my childhood memories!! Tinkle, Chandamama, Raj and Diamond comics and couple of other novelas I can recall.. tinkle mostly was my soulmate and best loved character was Suppandi!

  2. Your post took me back to a childhood filled with bliss mostly because of Amar Chitra Katha / Black Beauty / Little Women / Heidi and all those small novelettes you could buy from the hole in the wall kiosks at the street corners!

    1. Ah so true! The joy of finding the book you want in a small book store and then reading and re-reading it!!! Amar Chitra Katha is timeless. I am eyeing the box collection.

  3. What a great topic to start a blog!! And that selection of books is gem. I wasn’t as big of reader as you sound like, but I’ve had my share of discoveries and realisation of the magic that books could do to one. Tinkle, chandama have a special place in our hearts and you just rekindled the fondness towards them. Also, chacha chaudhary, nagraj and other such books were great my favourites. Although Harry Potter wasn’t published exactly during our childhood, I’m glad today’s kids have that addition for their list.

    I’ve introduced books to my son from an early age and he is a huge lover of books already. I can see that he has already found his first best friend. 😉

    Your style of writing is amazing. I highly encourage you to keep bringing more such quality reads for us. My best wishes, Sush!

    1. I have to catch up on Tinkle – yes I am that person living under a rock not having read Tinkle. I am glad Appu is loving to read. Thanks for all the love Sniggs. A big hug to my friend across the Mediterranean Sea. See you soon!😘

  4. You reminds me not only my childhood but my daughter’s nursery days too..she loves to listen the stories of Panchatantra ….Thanku for remembering all these childhood book treat…🤗

    1. मेरी प्यारी भक्ति, मुझे बेहद खुशी है कि, आपकी, मेरी और सांकृति की बहुत पसंद मिलती है। 😊

  5. Comparatively I was a better reader in childhood My father used to present books as surpriseFeeling nostalgic …well written …keep it up😘👌

    1. Ritu – the surprise books gifted by Papa were the best! I recall how he once gifted me a book of jokes and told me to tell him a joke everyday!!! Time for you to start reading again. 😊 Thankyouu for your sweetest words. 😘

  6. Wow one !! Really took me back to the golden years of life – childhood days 🙂 thanks sush. . My favorites once we’re reader digest , chacha chaudhary, and ofcourse suppandi and tinkle series. . I crave now to read comic books. . Its been so long I read those stories with colorfull pictures and dialogues 😀 refreshing read . . Very well written.

    1. Ruchu, how about getting a few comics from an old bookstore and starting?!
      Reader’s Digest has very special memories for me too, the subscription was a gift from my Mamu, who went ahead and gifted me the abridged versions of my favourite Shakespearean plays. A whole new world opened up. RD then had such lovely stories on travel and food and I used to love the jokes. To the point of memorizing them. Thanku for refreshing a beautiful memory and all the love. 🤗😊

  7. Your blog just revived my childhood days. My excitement when my father used to get me books like Tinkle, Jataka Tales, Panchatantra had no limits. Mummy used to shout when meal was served and I still used to stick to my books finishing the chapters 😀
    I used to finish my tiffin hurriedly during recess in school so that I could go in the library and spend time looking for books by Hardy boys, Mark Twain .. And I loved the smell of those old copies in my school library. The books were so old and passed under so many hands that the thin pages used to cripple at times.. That vintage look of the book did help more to dive in the story world. Reading on screens today doesn’t give the same feel 😦

    1. Varsha, the beauty of school libraries!
      The wait for a book! We had a very sweet librarian and she almost always kept the copies of the book I would request. And yes, I used to loved seeing the issue and return dates. Ah, the feel and smell of the old books. The sometimes hardbound books which I used to handle so carefully! Thanku for bringing me back sweet memories of my school library! Happy Reading and thankyou for dropping by Varsha 😊

  8. Wisdom ,Billu & Pinki.Black beauty,The adventures of huckleberry Finn,All readers digest,Manorama,Hindu sportsstar ~ Down the memory lanes.Good read .Keep writing.

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